About Us

About Glo Creations

GLO CREATIONS, a textile design and printing house. Blended with Rwandan cultures and traditions, these one of a kind works are striking in their creativity and ingenuity. We feature a large variety of beautiful batik on clothing as unforgettable gifts, decorative items for the home and fashion outfits.

GLO CREATIONS is a textile and clothing design house. We design patterns on textile and make fashionable clothing and home decor accessories.


Meet our founder

Gloria Kamanzi Uwizera is building an award-winning company, Glo Creations, that is celebrating traditional batik printing techniques but with a contemporary twist. Tapping into the growing global interest in African design, Glo Creations is a Rwandan-based textile design and printing company, specializing in creating African inspired quality patterns for garments and home interiors.

"Our work is to design, print on textile with hand techniques, then produce beautiful textile products. The major portion of the Glo Creation product range is textile-based and includes printed fabrics, ready-to-wear garments, home interior fabrics and products"